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Seminar On The Secret To Learn Programming
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Over the last several years, programming and programming languages have progressed a lot.

Logical thinking is the fundamental key to get success in programming. There are several ways to improve your programming logic. Actually you can start developing your logical thinking process from childhood by playing chess, solving simple puzzles and through that can enhance logical thinking skill.

Programming logic includes logical operations on hard data that works according to logical principles and computable results. Programming logic in general rests on a basis of computational logic that is shared by both humans and machines.

What is Programming?


Computer follows an I-P-O cycle. It needs set of instructions called program to specify the input required, process to be followed, and the output required.

Program is written in a specific language called Programming language, so that computer can understand the instructions.

Importance of Logic Thinking


Fundamental Key to be Good Developer

It’s not the language but the logic that matters

The logic for solving a problem remains the same in every language


Explained Logic Development Life Cycle


Explained steps to develop logic

Taken problem example and resolved problem by following steps