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Seminar On The Python Language
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What is Python?


Python is interpreted and object oriented language. It is very flexible language and allows doing many things. It can be used to write simple as well as complex large scale enterprise solutions. It is the preferred language for data science and machine learning.

Why Learn Python?


We have reviewed job market and identified reasons to learn python.

Python is one of the most popular language and found everywhere in the world. Python has been used in largest sites of internet like Reddit, Dropbox, and  Youtube, to name a few. The most powerful python web framework “Django” has been used in instagram and Pinterest.

As per the latest survey from Stack Overflow Developer, Python ranked 6th most  popular and 4rth most wanted technology of the year.

Use Python for Anything


Main advantage of learning python is that it is general purpose language which has been applied in large variety of projects. Most common fields where python found are:-

Data science

Scientific and mathematical computing

Web development

Finance and trading

System automation and administration

Computer graphics

Basic game development

Security and penetration testing

General and application-specific scripting

Mapping and geography (GIS software)

Practice Programs of Python


Covered basic programs in python

Print Hello World

Check whether entered number is even or odd.

Check whether entered number is palindrome or not.