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What is Kotlin and Why do we have to use Kotlin instead of Java?

Kotlin is a modern programming language for the JVM, actively developed by Jetbrains, cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference and officially supported as a first-class language for Android development by Google. As per the survey of Stack Overflow Developer I 2018, Kotlin is 2nd most lovable and 4rth most wanted language in the […]

What is programming logic and how to build it to be master in programming?

Over the last several years, programming and programming languages have progressed a lot. Logical thinking is the fundamental key to get success in programming. There are several ways to improve your programming logic. Actually you can start developing your logical thinking process from childhood by playing chess, solving simple puzzles and through that can enhance […]

What is Salesforce and how can you accelerate your career with the help of it?

What is Salesforce? Salesforce is one of most popular cloud platform providers in the world. It is one integrated CRM platform that offers all your departments including marketing, sales, commerce, and service a single, shared view of every customer. CRM software offers great benefits for companies. Anybody who has used this technology knows very well […]

Best PHP Framework for Web Development

PHP is one of the most simple to use the server-side scripting language. PHP frameworks are developed to complement PHP in many ways as they cater a basic structure and enforce the developers to use coding standards and development guidelines to stabilize the product and standardize the process. So this helps to reduce complexity & facilitates […]

Progressive Web Apps

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is one of the most talked about technology shifts in the web and has gained unparalleled momentum among the practitioners in the IT world. If you are building for the web, I’m sure that PWA is the latest ‘buzzword’ that has been added to your work vocabulary. It’s not surprising because […]

DevOps Trends 2019 — What You Need to Know

DevOps has evolved big time since many of us thought it was just a buzzword. Now we know that is a myth. DevOps has become a main focus and has been shaping the world of software for the last few years. Experts say that DevOps is going to be the mainstream and its popularity is […]