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What is Salesforce and how can you accelerate your career with the help of it?

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of most popular cloud platform providers in the world. It is one integrated CRM platform that offers all your departments including marketing, sales, commerce, and service a single, shared view of every customer. CRM software offers great benefits for companies. Anybody who has used this technology knows very well the great advantages of this cloud-based solution ranging from the most basic to the deepest and most detailed. Salesforce is a cloud platform so supports high security standards and due to that reason it is reliable for the users. Salesforce CRM applications are listed below:

Health Cloud

IoT Cloud

App Cloud


Sales Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud

Analytics Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Most of the Fortune companies are looking for mostly for skilled Salesforce professionals who are having hands-on-experience with proven knowledge.

In today’s era, A Salesforce Developer is having enormous demand in market with massive career opportunities.


Benefits of Salesforce

By using Saleforce platform, Integration takes days or weeks instead of months so there are faster development life projects compared to regular software.

Platform based API (Application Programming Interface) provides direct access to all its applications and data.

It is flexible because no more programming is required to integrate new application and all solution work well with existing technology stack.

Customers can get advantage from the well-known best practices and integration approaches that have been established over the period of time.