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What is Kotlin and Why do we have to use Kotlin instead of Java?

Kotlin is a modern programming language for the JVM, actively developed by Jetbrains, cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference and officially supported as a first-class language for Android development by Google.

As per the survey of Stack Overflow Developer I 2018, Kotlin is 2nd most lovable and 4rth most wanted language in the world.

Kotlin invented at JetBrains, has been open source since 2012. The Kotlin team

are having more than 20 members  and on Github has about 100 contributors. JetBrains uses it in many products  including its flagship IntelliJ IDEA.

Here are the strongest reasons why, as an Android developer, you should start seeing this programming language as a sustainable alternative to Java:


Completely Interoperable With Java


One of the biggest conveniences with using Kotlin is that it is compatible with Java!

With the help of Kotlin tools and frameworks, It is very nice and easy to add Kotlin code to java and no need to change the entire project code in Java.

Therefore there is one saying that If you want to migrate your code of Kotlin to Java then It is like piece of cake.


More Concise Than Java

One of the biggest benefits of Kotlin over Java Android development is you are able to solve the problems using few lines of code that can only translate into a more reliable code with fewer bugs and crashes on the UX side.

This is not to mention all the other benefits that develop from code conciseness, including code that is:

Easier to maintain

Easier to read

Easier to apply changes to when needed


Safer Code

The Kotlin developers integrated into the semantics the ethics that prevent a variety of common mistakes usually happening during the program execution. It is having higher level safety compare to Java.

It allows the implementation of the same tasks with less time and effort. When the code is more simple and easy-to-understand then errors are more difficult to make and much easier to find.


Arises with a Smarter and Safer Compiler

Adding good compiler has been main goal of Kotlin development team when they created this language.

The standard library is small and tight and it consists mostly of focused extensions to the Java standard library. It leverages “Fail-Fast” principal because it detects error at compile time and not at runtime.


Easier to Maintain

Kotlin is “one-stop-language” for all application development because it supports lots of IDEs, Android Studio included.

Therefore, you are free to use tested and used development tools that you are comfortable with for maintaining your codebase


Has Null in Its Type System

Null ability issues have been one of the most common issues of Java.

In Android, the absences of certain values are to be represented as “null”. But Kotlin comes to address these issues by placing null right in its type system.

What is programming logic and how to build it to be master in programming?

Over the last several years, programming and programming languages have progressed a lot.

Logical thinking is the fundamental key to get success in programming. There are several ways to improve your programming logic. Actually you can start developing your logical thinking process from childhood by playing chess, solving simple puzzles and through that can enhance logical thinking skill.

Programming logic includes logical operations on hard data that works according to logical principles and computable results. Programming logic in general rests on a basis of computational logic that is shared by both humans and machines.

Any programming language can be learned by joining any programming courses or following online tutorials which are freely available on internet. But the logic is one of the most important thing on which you have to focus. Anyone can learn language, learn how to write syntax and understand code. And anyone can learn the fundamental concepts of any language. But do you know what difficult and real skill of any language is? Where to implement which logic to fulfill any requirement is one of the most challenging and important task?

There will not be any classes to teach you to develop your logic. Logic will be built only by you by doing some brainstorming exercises.

There are various ways to develop your programming logic skill which will help you to make flexible to learn any programming language.


Learn Data Structure and Algorithms

Data Structure is a way of collecting and organizing data in such a way that we can perform operations on those data in an effective way. Anything that store data is called data structure hence Integer, Float, Boolean, Char are primitive data structure. We have some complex data structure which can store large and connected data like linked list, stack, queue, tree ..etc are abstract data structure.

Algorithm is set of instruction of logic which is used to accomplish some specific tasks. Core logic of problem can be written in pseudo code or flow chart.

Data Structure and Algorithms are the most useful concepts for developing your logical skills.


Choose Programming language

Choose any programming language and learn basic concepts, syntax, dos and don’ts of it and study control structure. If you are beginner then requesting you to start lean C language as it is fundamental language.


Follow a hierarchical approach

Try to start coding using simple programs like to print strings, operators. Take one simple program and then instead of writing code directly please make flowchart of logic which will be used in it. It will increase correct codes and will sharp your logical skill with increasing confidence level.


Write your own code

After writing logical steps, implement your own logic and think to solve problem with multiple ways and write down logic for all. Same problem can be resolved by multiple ways. You can also implement the examples from the book or tutorial you are reading without referring provided solution.


Learn to Use a Debugger

Debugger is tool which allows us to trace our code line by line. It also display the values of variables and also let us know which control statement is executed.

It helps us to understand the code quickly.


int main()


int a;

int b;

if( a > 4 )  // <– what does the value of x here?


b = 5;   // <– does this line of code executes?



When you use debugger it will take you longer to fix the problems of our code. Believe me, after using debugger it will be easy for you to troubleshoot complex problems very easily because you would be aware about the cause just you need to fix those issues.


Look out for More Sources

It may be possible that you are referring some study material and you are not able to understand some concepts then you should have to look out for more other resources for your reference.

Person to person learning skill may different like some person would like to learn with picture explanation or some may prefer videos to learn something or some may refer good books with detail explanation.

After referring materials, it may happen that you do not understand something then easiest way is to figure out where misunderstanding lies then ask someone else. And ask questions as many as you can through that only you can clear your understanding and can get knowledge. Asking more questions allows you to think more on that point which will be helpful to you in getting good results.


Do Practice as many as You can

There is one saying that “Practice makes man perfect” means the more you do practice, you will definitely get success. Perform as many as example of any programming language. I would like to suggest you to do more and more pattern programs of C language. Please believe it will be very helpful for you to build your logic. And try to solve the same problem with multiple ways for that you have to think.



I hope you may like this blog, believe me if you will follow above mentioned steps then our main goal will be achieved that is “Programming Logic”. I believe that if your programming logic is sound then you will be flexible to work on any programming language just syntax of languages will be different but logic will remain same for all. So Good luck all and be master of any language.

What is Salesforce and how can you accelerate your career with the help of it?

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of most popular cloud platform providers in the world. It is one integrated CRM platform that offers all your departments including marketing, sales, commerce, and service a single, shared view of every customer. CRM software offers great benefits for companies. Anybody who has used this technology knows very well the great advantages of this cloud-based solution ranging from the most basic to the deepest and most detailed. Salesforce is a cloud platform so supports high security standards and due to that reason it is reliable for the users. Salesforce CRM applications are listed below:

Health Cloud

IoT Cloud

App Cloud


Sales Cloud

Financial Services Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud

Analytics Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Most of the Fortune companies are looking for mostly for skilled Salesforce professionals who are having hands-on-experience with proven knowledge.

In today’s era, A Salesforce Developer is having enormous demand in market with massive career opportunities.


Benefits of Salesforce

By using Saleforce platform, Integration takes days or weeks instead of months so there are faster development life projects compared to regular software.

Platform based API (Application Programming Interface) provides direct access to all its applications and data.

It is flexible because no more programming is required to integrate new application and all solution work well with existing technology stack.

Customers can get advantage from the well-known best practices and integration approaches that have been established over the period of time.